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Slingshot Prepaid Mobile Broadband is First to Offer Contract-less 3G Internet


Prepaid wireless broadband services is nothing new overseas. But here the concept is new and way past due. Look at this way, there is a strong market for people looking to use a 3G wireless modem for internet access, but not everyone wants to sign up for a 2 year contract. Some people might just need it for 6 months, or perhaps they just dont have the credit required to even get a two year contract. That is where Slingshot comes in. It’s the first Prepaid Wireless Broadband service in the U.S. – at-least that we know of. The service costs $59.99 a month for 5GB. Considering Verizon charges $79.99 a month with a 5GB cap, and Sprint charges $59.99 for unlimited Data, this is actually a good value. Unfortunately you wont be getting any discounts on the actual modem like you would when you sign up for a contract. A starter kit includes a modem, monitor clip and USB cable, a carrying pouch, and 2 months of slingshot service for $249. So in essence it’s like you are laying out $129 for the modem.

Update 12/20/09: We’re not sure if Slingshot is still in business, but if you’re looking for prepaid mobile broadband you should check out DataJack’s Unlimited Prepaid Mobile Broadband for $39

Update 05/26/11: A lot has changed since 2008. Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, AT&T are all offering very appealing prepaid 3G and 4G mobile broadband data plans.