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Vivienne Tam and HP Unveil New Digital Clutch at Fashion Week

3914718748_c849f23496_bTonight at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Bryant Park, Vivienne Tam unveiled her new digital clutch on the catwalk. Once again Vivienne has collaborated with HP to produce a netbook that is the true essence of fashion meeting technology. The new Digital Clutch is covered in a vivid champagne gold  with butterflies adorning its lid.  Tam designed the new Digital Clutch at the same time that she was designing her spring collection, so the two go hand in hand together. This creative process is pretty unusual to the industry. Often, the fashion is produced first and the technology is made to match the fashion like an afterthought. But Vivienne believes that fashion can meet technology and she worked on both simultaneously.

The beautiful butterflies on the new digital clutch represent romance, freedom, empowerment and transformation. These lovely creatures adorning the netbook’s cover are based upon the Chinese love story version of Romeo and Juliet by Martha Huang which is called “Butterfly Lovers”. With this new design, Tam wants people to feel at one with nature, in contrast to the stark plain colors of most traditional netbooks and laptops. Instead, the digital clutch is all about richness of color. It’s not just a fashion accessory, nor is it just a gadget, but its vivid colors and soothing gold tones can also work as a mood enhancer.

And we agree, getting to see the digital clutch in person at fashion week, her entire lineup was made up of soothing yet vibrant colors, that could be worn by the everyday woman. We saw lots of champagne gold, blue, green, purple, orange, and red.  Once again, you could see the dedication Tam  brings to her lineup year after year.  When the show was over, you could hear the excitement and roar coming from the crowd.

Vivienne says that she will continue designing digital clutches for HP. Tam says that she plans to continue that trend with future digital clutches and matching accessories. The new digital clutch unveiled today at Fashion Week in New York will be available in the spring. There is no word on specs but it’s likely to have a 10 or 11 inch screen and to be powered by the standard Intel Atom processor.

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