Philips Wake-Up Light Aims to Make Everyone Less Grouchy

philipsToday myself along fellow journalists and bloggers got a chance to get up close and personal the Philips Wake-Up Light.  Most people may already be familiar with the Philips Wake-Up Light. It made its debut in Europe first and then launched stateside only a month ago with a new sleeker and more modern design. For those who aren’t familiar with the device it helps those gradually wake up by softly increasing the light for a more pleasant and re-energized way of starting your day. Instead of just hitting the snooze or smacking your noisy alarm clock to shut it off. There are  20 different brightness settings that allow you to use it as a bedside lamp but mostly to let your rise in a soothing manner as the lamp gets brighter. There is also a Wake-Up Light with Dock for iPod that lets you rise to not only soft light, but your own tunes as well. There are 4 different nature sounds and an FM radio. The Dusk simulation helps you drift to sleep by softly fading out light and sound so you don’t see your entire day as you close your eyes. The Philips Wake-Up was inspired but a study that stated people enjoy waking up in the Summer rather than the winter. Especially those in Nordic countries were a sunny day isn’t always commonplace. The Philips Wake-up retails for $169.00 and the Philips Wake-Up with iPod and Dock retails for $199.99 at Amazon. Stay tuned for the review to see if I’m more refreshed and don’t dream of blogging.

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