AMD Vision Looks to Make Computer Purchases More Transparent for Consumers

visionThis past week we got a hands on demo of the new AMD Vision concept. Basically, AMD will be cutting out all of the complicated noise involved in choosing a processor by telling people exactly what they want to know when they buy a computer. Earlier in the year, Intel had hinted about making this leap too, but it seems AMD has beaten them to the punch.This new marketing system will be broken down by AMD Vision, AMD Vision Premium, and AMD Ultimate. Consumers will be able to go to the AMD Visions website, select some options of what they intend to use their computer for, and AMD will then tell you which ‘AMD Vision’ is perfect for you. Of course for more technical users, the specs and details of the chipset etc will still be available. However for the average consumer that just wants to know if it plays games, can handle Blu-ray, or edit video – choosing the right system for their budget, will now be much clearer. This will be a much simpler way of purchasing a computer and I think that this is a welcome innovation to the average consumer who just wants something fast and doesn’t get GHz vs Mhz. Now we just have to wait and see if HP, Dell, and every other desktop manufacturer that offers AMD chips will adopt this new Vision of AMD.

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