Full Body Scanners Smart or Peep Show for TSA


496811-scannerNext week will be the first time in a few months I have traveled in an airplane and honestly in the wake of the failed bombing of the Northwest Airline, I’m a bit apprehensive. I had gotten down the take the shoes off, whipping the belt out, and unloading the computers in trays in just a few minutes. But I can only imagine what we will be headed in for now. Domestic flights will certainly be on high alert but international flights are going to be hellish. In the international US Airport terminals you will most likely find full-body scanners as a primary screening tool.  While this is all well and good because of the current situation – is it really?  I’m personally not a fan of the TSA since they ransacked my luggage sometime ago and stole a diamond ring of mine, so do I really want them to see me naked now too?? I mean are they really going to pay attention to a bomb strapped to a thigh, or rather how big someone’s fake boobs are?  Are they going to notice something hidden in someones undies or something else in someone’s undies?

I personally don’t care what they see but how much of ourselves do we have to give up in order to make sure the skies are safe? Why is America so reactive instead of proactive? Why does something terrible have to happen or possibly happen for security to step up. Sure we are all on high alert now. But in a few weeks the body scanners will be put away and the laziness will set back in letting those terrorists that threaten to harm us regroup and find new creative ways for attacking Americans on our own soil.

In the meantime Americans and innocent people have to be violated and treated as they are criminals instead and once our image is scanned, is it discarded or filed away in some database that will keep track of how our body changes every time we fly internationally. Obviously I’m a fan of technology but how much is too much when it comes to our privacy? Sure we should scan people in order to protect ourselves from another attack but everyone better be scanned and treated no different regardless of race, color, or creed.

NowPublic has a great list of current US Airports that have full-body scanners. Below is the list they currently have and it looks like they will be keeping it up to date, so definitely bookmark it in preparation of wearing your best lingerie or boxers on your trip.

  • ATL (Atlanta)
  • BWI (Baltimore)
  • CLE (Cleveland)
  • DCA (Washington DC)
  • DEN (Denver)
  • DFW (Dallas-Ft. Worth)
  • DTW (Detroit)
  • IAH (Houston)
  • IND (Indianapolis)
  • JAX (Jacksonville)
  • JFK (New York City)
  • LAS (Las Vegas)
  • LAX (Los Angeles)
  • MIA (Miami)
  • PHX (Phoenix)
  • RDU (Lafayette)
  • ROC (Little Rock)
  • RIC (Richmond, Va)
  • SFO (San Francisco)
  • SLC (Salt Lake City)
  • TPA (Tampa)