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HARApad Reduces Your Laptop’s Radiation Levels


haraChances are you’ve heard of, or seen those little stickers that supposedly reduce the electromagnetic radiation on your cell phone. But the HARApad is the first time we’ve seen something be developed to reduce the amount of radiation on your laptops. Actually, it does make a lot of sense – if you believe that the radiation coming from your cell phone is hazardous to your health, than the radiation from your laptop isn’t much different. After all ,besides its regular components, your laptop has Wi-fi, and maybe even 3G data on it. According to HARApad, Laptop computers emit Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) up to 100 times the safe amount and this EMR may be linked to serious health issues including cancer and infertility, or cause less-serious symptoms of electromagnetic radiation sickness. The HARAPad counteracts the radiation by providing protections, and dissipating heat away from your body. It also provides your laptop with a sturdy working surface, it’s able to fit into most laptop case for easy carrying, it even doubles as a dry erase board – and last but not least, it even comes in several color including white, black, red, green and blue. There are two kinds of HARAPads, The Original HARAPad  for $49.99 claims to block up to 80% of the EMR, and the HARApad Elite claims to block nearly 100% of EMR and costs $74.99.