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Ritmo Advanced Sound System for You and Your Baby

gila-yogaRemember the Lulabelly prenatal belt with speakers we wrote about awhile ago? Well Ritmo is an Advanced Pregnancy Sound System, which delivers the same results but on a much more higher technological level that is safe for both mother and child and looks a lot more space-agey. Ritmo connects to most audio devices such as iPods, MP3 players, iPhones and Blackberries and has four speakers and a controller, the size of a deck of cards, which fits comfortably into a tiny pocket. Ritmo utilizes Nuvo’s patented Safe & Sound Technology to regulate the output of sound to a safe level for a baby to hear in-utero, regardless of how loud the sound was recorded or the volume that it is played.  But besides music, with Ritmo, a baby in the womb can hear their future brothers or sisters talking, a book being read, or hear how much of a Housewives of Orange County addiction you have. Ritmo retails for $129.99 and certainly prepares the baby for the world ahead… hila-bellyhila-ipodPresenter