General-Search Lets You Easily Search File Sharing Sites Like RapidShare

No matter what you use torrents for, if you’re familiar with them, than you know that they can be unreliable and slow when downloading. That is where General-Search comes in. The site works as a file search engine for popular file sharing sites like RapidShare, MegaUpload and Uploading.com. The benefit here is that the downloads will be much quicker and reliable than traditional torrents – and you don’t have to use any special software. Overall, by using General-Search, you can search Rapidshare, Megaupload and Uploading.com for archived files, audio files, video files, docs, pictures, applications, CD and DVDs. General-Search’s search capabilities are also quite robust, and one quick and easy search will help you find a wealth of goodies that you might have had to search several different Torrent sites for.

To date, the site gives you access to 4746162 files to download. But please keep in mind, that just like with Torrents – beware that some files may or not be legal to download and use, so download with discretion since it is very difficult for General-Search to screen all of these files.


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