Three Google Execs Convicted in Italy for Privacy Violations

3802980Three Google executives were convicted in Italy today of privacy violations. This is a most controversial case to rock the tech world, especially since it involves the behemoth that is known as Google. The case stems from a YouTube video of an autistic boy being abused by several bullies and then uploaded to YouTube in Italy. The controversy stems from whether Google should have taken the video down immediately when it was aware of the type of footage that was uploaded. Eventually Google Italy did take the footage down, but not soon enough too many folks had already viewed the imagery and perceived it as offensive and horrific. However, with Google’s help the bullies abusing the boy in the video were identified and sentenced to juvenile court.  Google’s Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond was convicted of privacy violations along with former CFO George Reyes, and Global Privacy Counsel Peter Fleischer. Senior product marketing manager Arvind Desikan was acquitted.

Many argue that this case may set a new precedent of the type of internet freedom in Italy, while others argue that a limit can be placed on freedom when it comes to someones safety as well as rights. What is your opinion?

(Via The Observer)

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