INNESENTI is a Backwards Tricycle on Steriods

Innesenti2When you first look at the INNESENTI you may scratch your head and wonder where did the rest of it go, or maybe you’ll think that it looks like a very intricate bike that you will definitely need knee pads and a helmet for. This contraption is being marketed as the ultimate sports machine because it was built using Formula 1 racing and Indy Car racing technology. The INNESENTI is basically a tricycle on steroids, that is meant for intense exercise or just a leisurely ride around the country. It claims it will maximize your heart rate, burn calories, and keep you in the utmost shape. Upon ordering the machine it is customized for each customer so that the experience is perfectly suited for them. There is no word on pricing, except that you have to call the company directly to inquire about pricing. That can’t be a good sign.