Gluvi Keeps Your Remotes Clean From Sticky Fingers

screenshot_01It happens to all of us – you reach for your remote controls day in and day out, and after a while residue from lunches, dinners, and snacks end up on or encrusted in between the buttons. This especially happens if you have kids or live with slobs. So along comes Gluvi, which is sort of like a condom for your remote. Just slip the plastic saran like bag onto your remote control and it is then protected from all the elements,  and your daily meals as well as germs. Gluvi will probably increase the longevity of those remotes too. How it works with remotes like Logitech, that are touchscreen remains to be seen. Personally I find this kind of product funny because my mother would always make us cover the remotes in saran wrap when we were kids – so go figure. I Gluviwon’t bother telling her now that she lost out on making a fortune…. The Gluvi will retail for $9.95 and will officially launch the end of March.

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