J&R Launches Assistive Technology Boutique for Those with Disabilities

assistive-technologyJ&R has come up with an interesting new product section in an area that we think is very overlooked in the tech community. Even though geeks and tech enthusiasts, etc… may love their gadgets, there is a whole other community that desires them just as passionately – those with disabilities. J&R has now designated a whole section of their website called the ‘Assistive Technology Boutique. This section is geared towards people who have vision problems, hearing loss, or issues using standard computers or peripherals. So J&R is now offering an entire section dedicated to selling products that help those with disabilities improve their quality of life. For example – touchscreen computers, amplified telephones, and voice recognition software are just some of the items listed in this new boutique. Overall, this is certainly a controversial move on J&R’s part because many advocates for the disabled may feel that they are being segregated. However on the contrary, we think that J&R is just shining the light on certain gadgets that can be used in more intuitive ways to help people .

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