Rent The Runway Lets You Rent Designer Gowns from Home


screenshot_01(2)So you saw that great dress on the runway, but there is no way you can afford it. Or maybe it’s that you can afford it, but you only really need to wear it once. Well Rent The Runway is a new website that lets you browse dresses of A-List designers online and then rent them. Started by two girlfriends in college – they came up with the idea because they too wanted to wear expensive designer clothes, but their modest salaries wouldn’t allow them as such.  All you need to do is sign-up for a membership, choose the designer dress you want, choose a dress size, and have it shipped to your door – it’s that simple. They even provide the return shipping materials. A typical rental will cost 10% of the retail cost and you don’t have to step foot in a snobby store high-end designer store or go broke to look fabulous.