IT History Society Launches Searchable Database of Historical Technology

vintage-family-computerBecause technology is moving at the speed of light these days, the IT History Society has announced the availability of the first searchable international database of historical information technology. Personally I can’t even remember all the cell phones and laptops I have had over the last 13 years – let alone some of the biggest technological feats from the last 50 years. The database today consists of 233 international information technology historical and archival collections encompassing over 2.4 million documents that uses over 195 gigabytes of storage. The database in the near furture is expected to nearly double over the next 5 years. With a partnership with Archive-IT of the Internet Archive, all of the 233 sites will be crawled and text indexed every 30 days for full keyword search ability. Like all societies they do need donations , and you can become a member. In any case I’m just glad that this information is being archived somewhere.

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