New Kodak Picture Kiosks Help You Share and Print

kodak2Kodak is a company looking towards the future of picture sharing. Introducing a new line of products that focuses on accessing and sharing photos through social networks and e-mail, Kodak products are moving away from the old way of sharing pictures and videos and into a new realm.

Leading off Kodak’s new line of photo sharing tools is the new and improved Kodak Picture Kiosk. You may have seen the kiosks in CVS or Target, you know, the big yellow and red booths that let you print out pictures from your camera’s SD card. The new booths feature improved sharing features and easier, better photo retouching. In the past, you had to bring your camera’s SD card to the kiosk in order to print out copies. I like this, partly because I like having printed out photos to decorate my apartment with. What I like better is the fact that with the new kiosks, you can access your photos stored online using Kodak Gallery, Facebook, or Picasa Web Albums. Awesome!

Aside from making it easy to access your photos, the picture booths also make it easy to retouch your photos–kind of like a simplified version of Photoshop that anyone could figure out. Some uber cool features include Pet Eye Retouch and Facial Retouch. The Pet Eye Retouch takes the way your pet’s eyes show up all creepy and alien-like in your photo and changes them back to their non-alien state with the touch of a button. The Facial Retouch is a feature that I love because with one button, I can get rid of all my zits and other unsightly marks on my face. My portrait goes from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ in one touch. Kodak has simplified something that would have taken hours in Photoshop. Another cool feature of the booth is that you can take shots from videos and convert them into still pictures.

When it comes to printing photos, the new Kodak photo booths also have cool new features that make scrapbooking and framing easy. For example, certain stores are now testing a new feature that allows you to grab a frame from the store you’re in, scan it at the Kodak Picture kiosk and print your pictures to specifically fit that frame. This feature really comes in handy when you’re trying to create one of those pictures frames with multiple picture slots in it. The pictures print out in the exact shape and size you need so you don’t have to cut the pictures out and tape them to the inside of the frame.

Overall, the Kodak Picture Kiosk is moving towards ease of sharing and ease of photo editing for the everyday consumer. In a day and age where all photos are located online, Kodak is maintaining their tried and true emphasis on photo printing while taking a new road towards ease of sharing and accessing online photos. With the instant connection to online storage centers like Kodak Gallery, Facebook, and Picasa, it makes it easy to take the photos you put online and print them out. Kind of like the perfect hybrid between the retro and current.

The new photo kiosks will be available in July 2010.

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