Lindsay Lohan’s Ankle Bracelet Uses Breathalyzer Technology


lilo_courtPoor Lindsay Lohan, she just never seems to get a break. A new court order has instructed her to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet after she upset a Beverly Hills judge by not showing up for a hearing last week. It turns out that she opted to attend the Cannes Film Festival in France Instead of her hearing, which is what lead to this somewhat drastic measure. According to Yahoo News, this alcohol bracelet is used to ensure that drunk drivers avoid accidents by not drinking again and the bracelet is actually powered by the same technology used in a Breathalyzer,

Alcohol Monitoring Bracelet

This is actually a technology that is currently only being sold to court houses. So for any parents that are looking to purchase this technology for their kids (or whoever), they’re out of luck for now. Then again, it seems like a couple years back GPS ankle bracelets could really only be found in the courts too. Now GPS tracking technology has become affordable and widely available for parents to use. Oh, and the technology involved is really a step ahead – the alcohol bracelets can now also do double duty as a GPS tracking ankle bracelet.

The way the alcohol bracelets work is that they test the skin every half hour. If the wearer has drank alcohol, their skin will cause a chemical reaction in the device’s fuel cell. Atleast once a day the info from the bracelet is sent to the company which in turns notifies the courts if alcohol is detected at a blood-alcohol level of 0.02 or higher.

(Image via the Washington Post)