Raptr Offers Multi-Network Instant Messaging Software for Gamers


Raptr 1.0 is a new instant messaging client that brings together all types of gamers on all types of gaming networks, besides also connecting users on AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, Google Talk, Xfire, and ICQ. With Raptr, users can also chat with their buddies on Xbox Live, and see what their friends are playing on Xbox, PSN, Steam, or even what Flash games they’re playing. Raptr also lets you broadcast your playing status to all of your friends on all of the popular IM services, as well as to friends on Facebook, Twitter, and FriendFeed. It will also automatically track your Xbox Live, Steam, and WoW achievements and let you compare your achievements with your friends. Finally, the app also lets you rate games, share reviews and see what games are hot at the moment. Raptr is free to download, but is unfortunately PC only.

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