Simon Cowell Attempts to Clear His Bad Repuation with SEO Optimization

Oh, that Simon Cowell, he is known for spewing venom and being mean to innocent idol contestants, and now it seems like he wants to do a little SEO housekeeping of his image before his new show the X-Factor launches. Supposedly, Cowell has hired an SEO Optimization firm to make sure that all Google searches on his name only produce stories of him cuddling with bunnies and running through a field of tulips.

However, his reps are insisting foul play and claim that this is a “conspiracy theory.” But to anyone with a curious mind, just Google Cowell’s name and you’ll find innocuous stories of his legacy, his recent trip to St. Tropez, and his bio. BORING. Honestly we never googled him before – so it could be that this was the results prior to the SEO cleansing. However, it seems that the SEO wizards still haven’t been able to overcome AngrySimon.com which lets you download a flash game encouraging you to beat up the ‘tyrant’ himself.

(via NY Daily News)

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