Josh Chalom’s Falling Apart is Pixel Art on Rubik’s Cubes

The Rubik’s Cube has taken on many different transformations over the years since it was originally launched as a brain busting toy for kids and adults. However this most recent use may be the most awesome yet. ‘Falling Apart’ is a new piece by Josh Chalom, an artist who specializes in using Rubik’s Cubes as his canvas. Until now Chalom has used pop icons as his inspiration for his Rubik’s Cube artwork. However this latest piece, turns a toy classic into an intense artistic experience. From a far the art just seems like a pixelated canvas, but up close you can tell that the work uses hundreds of Rubik’s cubes to depict an image of a man falling apart with Rubik’s cubes attached by wires falling down from the piece. I recently spotted this piece at an art gallery and it was retailing for $24,000 and it’s truly a sight to see in person, as it can be mounted onto a wall or a stand so that it becomes a mobile sculpture. If you happen to be in Miami I highly suggest you go check it out for yourself. Or if you happen to live in Toronto, Canada – Chalom has his work on display in a gallery in the historical Distillery District.


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