Top 16 Apps and Gadgets for Halloween

Halloween is already creeping up on us believe it or not, which means it’s high time to get prepared for the festivities, 21st century style. The app market is currently crawling with apps ringing in the season, and there is no shortage of tech-based upgrades to your costume that are bound to make a killer impression on anyone. If you find yourself lacking in Halloween spirit, check out these cheap, fun ways to make your life a little more frightful

Grim Reaper USB Computer Speakers

Watching horror movies on your computer will have that little extra punch with these speakers, sporting the grim reaper lording over a couple of crypts. These aren’t just cheap, mass produced pieces of electronic equipment, though. Each one is hand-painted and made with quality materials, so you don’t need to worry about getting a set of cheap plastic speakers that will last you only one Halloween. Death scenes will ring more true with Death himself blasting the bloodcurdling screams to everyone around.

USB Pumpkins Flash Drive

This flash drive goes more for the cutesy aspect of the Halloween season. This flash drive is a set of two Jack-o-Lanterns, one serving as the drive and the other serving as the cover. They’re compact, and come in 2 GB, 4GB and 8 GB models. If you need a festive way to show off your enthusiasm for the season on the go, look no further. The price of these little guys range from $22 to $36, depending on capacity.

Devil Style White Skin iPhone 4 Case

iPhone 4 owners can unleash their phones’ twisted inner spirit with this soft silicone white skin case with a decidedly hard demonic demeanor. For a fairly small price ($2.49), the phone gets a little protection, and alot of attitude, with an appropriately mischievous face looking out of the back, with a couple horns that might make getting it into your pocket a little tricky. It’s a small price to pay for making your iPhone the most wicked one around.

Steampunk Haunted House

The Abrons Art Center, located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side in New York, will be home to the Steampunk Haunted House in the week leading up to Halloween once again. There will be no one to hold your hand in this haunted house, though; patrons are thrust into the house, separated from one another, and left to explore at their own pace and peril. Mechanized monstrosities take the place of the normal ghouls and ghosts, as you lose yourself in the house’s dark, Victorian-era corridors. However the imagery maybe Victorian and vintage, the ticket to enter is a bit pricey.


Speakal’s iBoo is a cute way to get your music collection hooked up to the Halloween spirit. The iBoo is a docking station for iPods, and includes three speakers and a subwoofer. It even has an auxiliary jack, meaning the iBoo can act as a set of external speakers for any other electronic device laying around. It might even be good for some Halloween pranks; the remote control is small and easily concealed, and controls all of the iBoo’s functions. Be sneaky enough, and your friends might just think there’s a real haunting going on.


You can have complete control over the ambiance of your haunted house, Halloween party or front porch this year with the iSoundGrid app, found in the iTunes store. The app is packed with spooky ambient sounds, with a set of forty sound effects that can kick in. Depending on your own style, you can play most of these effects all at the same time for a chaotic (and loud) atmosphere, or just set the app to play a random sound every three seconds, and forget about it for the rest of the night, hoping you get just the right combination’s. After all, nothing says Halloween better than wood creaking followed by a chainsaw starting up.

Real Murder Controller

This Xbox 360 controller looks like it’s been through a few Texas Chainsaw Massacres. The blood spatters and the apparently blood drenched right joystick are nice, but the 9mm bullets serving as the ABXY buttons really puts it over the top. It’ll help you do some virtual massacring, too, with speed and burst rapid-fire modes that are practically made for shooters of any kind. Just make sure your wallet has enough guts to stomach losing $125.

100 Horror Stories, Sounds and Scares

This app, available only for the iPad, offers a one-stop destination for a few of your Halloween needs. One hundred pieces of horror fiction, from shorts to full blown novels, are included, along with twenty sound effects that can be set to play randomly, if you’re looking to give yourself a good scare every once in a while. There’s even a little fear of the unknown to be had: the app promises surprises that can only be uncovered by buying the app for only $.99.

Glow-in-the-Dark Toilet Paper

For those of you who aren’t satisfied until every part of the home is decked out with festive adornments, there exists glow-in-the-dark toilet paper. The eerie glow coming from the bathroom will undoubtedly give any passersby pause. If nothing else, it can be a great complement to an already great costume. Why be a mummy when you can be a radioactive mummy?


Riptide Games’ iAmZombie app is similar to the I Am Vampire app mentioned below. This time, you’ll be taking pictures of you and your friends and creating cartoon zombie versions of yourselves, using the app’s stable of make-up and prop additions. As with I Am Vampire, you can upload the finished products to Facebook or Twitter, or just save them to your iPhone. The zombie hordes should be growing exponentially with this app; it’s completely free of charge.

USB Wired Hell Gost 3D Optical Mouse

Get ready to have your computer haunted by this spooky USB mouse, made in the likeness of a ghost. That likeness is also ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, so I guess this ghost is one of the friendlier spirits out there. It’s got all of the basic features of your standard optical mouse, and works well on any flat surface. Of course, you will need to get used to your mouse staring back at you with those large, deep black eyes


Ghosts!, from Fairlady Media, is an app game for the iPhone that forces you to defend your home against invading ghosts, skeletons and other such undesirables armed with only a flashlight. It’s a basic point and shoot game that tests your awareness and reflexes, especially in the later rounds when hordes of horrors start coming at you faster and more frequently. Fortunately, at this point, you’ll probably have access to the flamethrower, which always makes defending yourself from anything a whole lot easier. There are also whack-a-mole-like bonus rounds that require you to tag spooks that pop out from behind gravestones, to give the game a little variety.

Lady Gaga Blue Telephone Hat

At this point, you probably don’t need me or anyone else to tell you that Lady Gaga is probably going to be a fairly popular costume this Halloween and for a few Halloweens to come. Fortunately, if going Gaga is your inclination, there are so many different ways to dress up as the reigning queen of pop that you probably won’t run into anyone with the exact same costume. It’s highly unlikely indeed that you’ll find anyone else nearby with the bravado to pull off this hat, which is nearly identical to the one from the eponymous music video, down to the older style telephone handsets and dials.

I Am Vampire

Finally, Twilight fans everywhere can find out what they would look like in Edward’s world. Go Forth Apps’ I Am Vampire app allows iPhone users to transform pictures of people in their photo libraries into their vampire counterparts, adding fangs, a selection of eye colors (crimson, black or topaz) and the now-infamous sparkly vampire skin. The finished product can be saved or uploaded to social media sites, allowing fans everywhere to have their own competitions over who the better looking creature of the night is.

Party City Dressing Room

If you’re tired of the same old standard Halloween costumes that have been roaming the streets for ages, possessing new people every year but never really changing, the Party City Dressing Room is a pretty cool application that can help spice up the norm and help you stand out in the crowd. You can upload your face onto a preset model, and then mix-and-match parts of Party City’s wide selection of costumes to find a personalized outfit that fits you perfectly. The breadth of accessory types alone makes the number of possible combination’s practically endless. Just a heads-up to male costume enthusiasts, though: it looks like, for now, this application is geared towards females only.

Ghost in the Machine

The Ouija board is making a comeback on the iPad, which really is the ideal size for a group of friends to huddle around and commune with the denizens of the spirit world. The Ghost in the Machine app lets multiple people participate, as you can touch the iPad anywhere to influence the messages received from the app (or the resident spirits in the room). Throw in some crisp animations and creepy sound effects, and you’ve got all you need for a great late-night e-seance.

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