Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna Get All L.A. Law on ADT When Store is Broken into

Some times real life is actually better than “Reality TV” While on Today – Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin learned that their store, Belle Gray boutique was broken into – live on air! Immedialty Harry got on his cellphone – which isn’t an iPhone and called to find out what was going on while the show kept rolling – with Lisa in the background claiming “this is their life!”  However what was the most interesting part was when Harry got all L.A. Law about ADT, the alarm company – basically saying in no uncertain terms that their service was awful. ADT later shot back and said that they indeed sent police over within two minutes and if Hamlin and Rinna want better service they will need to pay for it. I hope that their realty show is successful because it looks like they will need the money to pay for better protection from ADT.

[Via TMZ]

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