Honeywell’s MyChime Greets Guests with a Sinister Laugh

When you think of door chimes, you don’t usually associate the technology with being high tech. That said, Honeywell’s MyChime system isn’t your average door chime system. The device comes with 7 built-in chimes, plus it has the ability to add your own chimes by using the included software and a USB dongle. The software will convert WAV and MP3 files to compatible chimes tunes. Plus, it accepts special themed holiday soundcards that come preloaded with seasonal sounds.  For example, the RCA2210N Halloween Soundcard will greet guests with a howling werewolf sound, a screaming woman sound, a growling animal sound, a sinister laugh, or a moaning ghost. The whole system costs about $43, plus an additional $10 for the holiday card.

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