RePlay XD is the World’s Smallest Action Video Camera


Don’t you always wonder how some reality shows are able to film those crazy viewing angles? Well maybe it’s because they are using teeny tiny cameras like the RePlay XD, the smallest and easiest to use action sports video camera. RePlay XD makes it easy to shoot, share and review your Xtreme action shots with a few pushes of a button. The camera is only 30 grams, and the small 21.4mm wide x 69mm long RePlay XD can be mounted virtually anywhere.  The RePlay XD features a CMOS sensor for capturing video at 30 fps, as well as an internal omnidirectional Mic to combat wind noise and distortion, weather resistant, lasts on 120 minutes of battery life on a single charge, and supports up to a 32GB micro SDHC. RePlay XD retails for $189.99.