Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

Moms deal with too much stress in their day-to-day lives. Help them out a little this holiday season with one of these innovative new products that help make raising children, and remembering the little moments along the way, a whole lot easier.

PYNK Smart Frame

You can create a beautiful and professional-looking photo collage in a snap for mom at any of the PYNK Smart Frame kiosks popping up in CVS drug stores and grocery stores across the country. You just pick the frame you want, and upload pictures from either your email, flash drive, CD, or SD card. The kiosk does the rest of the work for you. Just slide the collage into the matted frame, and you’re good to go. Best of all, when the kids get a little older and it’s time for a new collage, you can use the unique Product ID card that comes with each frame to print out another collage that fit your old frame perfectly.


Kids love their soda, no matter what moms say or do. So, why not help mom make soda healthier, while cutting down on waste and making drinking soda a fun and interactive experience for everyone? The SodaStream allows you to make your own soda, using water and a CO2 canister that comes with each unit. The syrup bottles that SodaStream sells are all recyclable, and mom won’t break her back carrying a bunch of heavy soda bottles back from the grocery store. It’s fun for kids to use, and doesn’t use the preservatives and other oddities that store-bought sodas contain (including the much-maligned high fructose corn syrup). It comes in two models, with prices ranging from  $170 to $250.

RoxioCreator 2011 Pro with 3D

Bring those old (and new) home movies to life with the RoxioCreator 2011 Pro with 3D technology. You can use 2D or 3D input to create and edit movies in 3D, then watch them on your computer or television. The software is amazingly simple and user-friendly, and is perfect for even the least tech-savvy of moms out there. The software even comes with the 3D glasses needed to view your new and improved home movies. You can buy this software for $109.99, and can pick up extra pair of 3D glasses for $9.99 each.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and Adobe Premiere Elements 9

Help mom preserve those precious memories as well as possible with Adobe’s Photoshop Elements software suite. You can use a wide range of tools to clean up and accentuate your photos and videos, using the most renowned photo editing software on the market. Make colors as bright as they really were at your kid’s first soccer game or piano recital, and have a little fun while doing it. Together, both Photoshop Elements 9 and Premiere Elements 9 are available now at a discount for just $104.99 after rebate.

HP TouchSmart 310z Series

For the tech-loving moms out there, the HP TouchSmart 310z series could be just the thing to warm her heart during the holiday season. It’s on the cutting edge of touchscreen technology, and allows for the use of app-based software, web entertainment, and recipe and collage creating software. You can even use it to pause, rewind and record television shows! Plus, it stays fun with lists, playlists, photos and videos that can be moved around the screen like magnets on a refrigerator door. This multipurpose piece of tech is available from HP for $679.99.

Insignia – Little Buddy Child Tracker

Making sure your child is safe is a number one priority for every mom out there. The Insignia Little Buddy Child Tracker will make that job a whole lot easier and more comforting. It’s a small device that can be slipped into backpacks, and will allow moms to keep tabs on their child’s location using software that can be used on any computer or smartphone. She can even receive text messages and alerts when her child ends up outside of a designated zone at a certain time (like, outside of school while it’s in session). For a heavy dose of peace of mind, $49.99 plus $14.99 a month seems like a fairly small price to pay.

T-Mobile MyTouch 4G

Get the perfect smartphone for moms everywhere in the MyTouch 4G. Running on Android 2.2, this phone can do everything from gaming to 4G web browsing. Of course, when moms keep in touch, they need some face-to-face time, so the MyTouch 4G is just what she needs. It comes with a front-facing camera that allows for video calling using Yahoo Messenger or the Qik App. This smartphone also happens to be blazing fast, and it retails for $199 with a new contract.

Mint Cleaner

Sometimes, the cleaning really does always fall on mom. Show her (and her back) some love with the Mint Cleaner. At this point, everyone knows about the Roomba, the eponymous robotic automatic vacuum cleaner. The Mint Cleaner acts as a vacuum, mop and broom in one for hardwood floors. Mom can let it go and forget it, and maybe enjoy some of the other tech gifts she’ll be getting during the holidays. The Mint Cleaner is available from the product website for about $249.99 or from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $199.

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