Jaybird Sportsband SB2 Review

Earlier in the year we reviewed The Jaybird Sportsband, a bluetooth wireless headset that lets you enjoy your tunes via your iPhone or any bluetooth capable device without those pesky wires getting in the way. Well just recently they have gotten an upgrade and they now come in all the colors of the rainbow – green, blue, orange, red, black, blue, pink and white.

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The updated Jaybird Sportsband SB2 are certainly very pretty in person and the added dash of color certainly makes it easy to coordinate with all your workout clothes. However I was saddened that along with the color upgrade that Jaybird didn’t actually upgrade the quality of the headset. In fact, except for the color nothing else has changed. The earcups still pivot which is always nice and the headband feels comfy on your head, and the overall construction is still pretty solid. However the headphones still lacks in sound quality which is essential in any pair of headphones.

Jaybird does heavily encourage you to purchase the headphones with the apt-x add-on’s so that way the sound reproduced by the Sportsband has better bass as well as CD quality audio. Too bad that the headphones couldn’t just do that on its own… That said, the Jaybird Sportsband is tried and true to its previous version, however with the added colors it does make it more appealing and helps make it stand out from the wireless headphone crowd, but it would have been nice if they improved the sound along with its looks. The Jaybird Sportsband SB2 retails for $99 and if you opt for the apt-x add-ons they will be an additional $50.

The Good: Tons of colors to choose from, sleek design with comfortable fit

The Bad: Sound has not been improved over original model – so you really need the add on accessory for improved sound quality

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