LevelUp Zig-Zag Xbox 360 Storage Tower Review

The Zig-Zag Xbox 360 Gaming Storage Tower by LevelUp is the ultimate storage unit for all of your Xbox gear. It neatly houses your Xbox 360, 4 controllers, two Xbox guitars and 13 games. This gaming rack is very sturdy and stands just under 3 feet high. It comes in about 10 pieces and snaps together, no tools required.

When you open up the Zig-Zag box you’ll see a bunch of plastic pieces. This had me questioning the quality of the storage tower. However, after constructing the tower and putting all of my Xbox gear inside, I no longer questioned it’s quality. It transformed itself from a plasticky organizer to a high quality storage center worthy of housing my Xbox and its gear. It took 10-15 minutes to construct. The directions were essential; don’t try to eye it out because it will not come out right. The pieces snap together so tightly that it’s very difficult to unmount, but it keeps Zig Zag sturdy. That also means that you’ll need to think twice if you’re ever planning on taking it apart. The Xbox sits on the bottom of the tower, which gives it the weight it needs to keep from toppling over.

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The storage bay holding your Xbox is well ventilated; you won’t have to worry about your 360 overheating. On the top of the tower are four molded controller docks that provide the perfect fit for all four of your controllers. On both sides of the tower are soft coated hooks to mount your Xbox guitars. The mounts are removable and are attached with two philips head screws each. The upper half of the tower has 13 slots which each hold one game. If you’re looking at the tower head on, the Xbox is on the bottom right and the games are on the top left, hence “Zig-Zag”. This structural design choice is very appealing.

The tower is all black with a green and gray LevelUp logo and two bright green lines running around the tower. There are 13 slits on the side that expose the back of your Xbox games, so you’ll have 13 green bars running up the side. This is another visually appealing detail for Zig-Zag. The shelf is also available in a gray and white model. Both models complement the Xbox color scheme perfectly.  That said, there are also similar Storage Towers available from LevelUp for the Wii and PS3 too. And oddly enough, there are a lot of different prices on the Internet for Zig-Zag. Amazon is selling it for $136; meanwhile Toys-R-Us is selling it for just $50, but the official retail price is $69.99. Overall, Zig-Zag makes sense as a killer gift for the holidays for the video gamer in your life. It not only feels good to organize your Xbox, games, and accessories–it looks good too! And considering it can be found for less then the price of one game, we’d call it an awesome deal!

The Good: Looks great, organizes your gear, good pricing
The Bad: Difficult to take apart, no cord management

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