Slotzz Review – Design matching iPad and iPhone Jackets

Slotzz is a U.K. based company that dedicated to creating custom iPad and iPhone jackets. The jackets are customized using their online web form where you can choose from a variety of their custom fabrics. The cases are handcrafted to your specifications and shipped within 10 days. You’re in charge of choosing a stylish outer fabric, a luxurious lining, a colorful thread, and other options depending if its for iPhone or iPad. For the iPad jacket you can choose from an open pocket, pocket with flap, iPhone & Pen pocket, pocket + business card holder, or no pocket. For the iPhone jacket you can choose if you want a striped velcro ribbon to lock your iPhone into its jacket.

Our expensive iPhones and iPads look just like everyone else’s, it’s nice to give them a unique jacket that’s tailored to your personal taste. You can preview what your iPad case will look like on the Slotzz website, but you can’t preview the iPhone case. Currently, there’s only about 20 different fabrics to choose from including denim, striped, paisley, and also corduroy. Unfortunately, the cases don’t provide a ton of protection. The fabrics are relatively thick, but there’s no extra padding, aside from the interior lining. It’s not as big an issue for iPhone because it’s smaller and lighter; but for iPad, the Slotzz case will only provide minimal protection from drops. These cases are mainly to protect from scratches and light bumps. The iPhone case should protect your phone from the dangers of a pocket book or book bag, though it’s not completely sealed. The iPhone case will fit all generations of the iPhone and will also fit other similar sized phones like the popular BlackBerrys and Android Devices. It can also fit iPhone 4 with a case on it, though it depends how thick the case is. iPhone 4 with a bumper case fits, but any thicker and it’d be tight. The iPad jacket fits iPad snuggly. The fit is loose enough to get iPad in and out of it with ease, but not too loose where it’s wiggling around inside. The draw string will tighten the opening enough to keep iPad from going anywhere.

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The designs of the Slotzz cases are crafty, fun, and unique. The build quality will not disappoint. The iPad cases cost £39.99 ($64) and iPhone cases cost £19.99 ($32) and shipping is free. There is a bunch of $30 iPhone cases out there, but $64 is a bit pricey for an iPad jacket. It depends how highly you value a custom design that’s almost guaranteed to be craftier and more differentiated then any other iPhone/iPad jacket out there.

The Good: Crafty and fun looking, customizable, can match iPad and iPhone cases, great fabrics, can preview iPad jacket design online
The Bad: No real padding, customization is somewhat limited, can’t preview iPhone jacket design, on the pricier side of cases

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