Dream Day True Love PC Game is Inspired By Real Life 70 Year Romance

Instead of a video game about playing in a band, stealing cars, or going to war – there is finally one all about love. Yes, it’s not even Valentine’s Day and we’re already getting sappy.  The seventh installment in the successful Dream Day series is now available for PC download and is called Dream Day True Love. The game is based on the true-life romance of game designer Cara Ely’s grandparents, Bill and Helen. Players will take a romantic journey from the war in the Pacific to Paris in the 1950’s as they experience an unforgettable  romance and as they plan the ultimate 70th anniversary party. Using a vintage scrapbook to learn the couple’s history and help plan the party, their love story is brought to life by incorporating actual photographs, letters and other mementos spanning over 70 years. For the casual gamer this will be a nice diversion from the typical games out there now and shouldn’t require much brain matter. If you recall “Myst” from back in the day, the gameplay concept here isn’t all that dissimilar – it looks like there are lots of clicking through mini-games and images to explore in this game.

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