New and Improved Commodore 64 Gets More Real with Latest Images

We reported back in the summer about the classic Commodore 64 finding it’s way back into the spotlight soon. Well Commodore USA has just relaunched their site and has added some sneak peeks of what the new and improved Commodore 64 will look like and what features it will have. From the looks of it, it’s going to have almost everything you need for a computer from multiple SD card slots, to an HDMI output, and DVD player or optional Blu-ray player. However the original charm of the Commodore 64 is not lost. The computer will come with the ability to play those classic 8-bit games by featuring a program that is a C64 emulator. It will also support the latest version of Windows. Pricing for the Commodore 64 seems to be illusive still but we are hopeful that it will get announced soon. In the meantime you can drool over rendered images of the transformation of a classic piece of hardware.

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