SnapKeys the Keyless Keyboard App for iOS & Android Will Blow Your Mind

SnapKeys is ready to blow your mind. This keyless keyboard is almost ready to launch for both Android and iOS devices. If you aren’t familiar with SnapKeys, it allows users to type on invisible keys instead of the traditional touch screen keyboard. SnapKeys has 4 imaginary letter keys. When the App first launches on your device,  it will show you them, however they can be hidden once you get the hang of ‘blind typing’ and the entire screen real estate of your iPhone, iPad, etc.. will be freed up of an onscreen keyboard. You’ll be able to type with your thumbs and wonder how you ever needed a keyboard to begin with. Honestly I can’t wait to get my hands on this app… it’s just to unreal to believe.  I’ll have my chance soon enough as the SnapKeys app is expected to launch any day now. I’m ready to to be mystified.  In the meantime check out the vid below to see it in action.

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  1. Wow seems very interesting just browsed through the website….When are we going to get our hands on it, about time the QWERTY Keyboard leaves us, we are a new generation and need a new way to type.

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