fuse’s Powerslice Universal Charger Takes a Bite Out of the Charging Pie

No it’s not a Roomba, although I’m sure that will be coming soon too. It is PowerSlice, a universal charging station, that allows up to four phones or electronic devices to be charged simultaneously from a single power source. There are 3 pie shaped slices that are available for charging and a 4th charging space is on the base for a UBS 2.0 port. It costs less then most universal chargers and is a overall whole lot prettier and clutter free. No messy chords hanging about, fighting death matches over premium outlet space. Just clean, organized charging. Martha Stewart would approve, and maybe your mother in law too. If only there was something like this for curling irons…

Update 07/24/2011: Check out our full review of the Fuse PowerSlice.

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