Whirlpool Vantage washer and dryer feature Laundry Apps and a USB port

Laundry is not a sexy subject. The weekly chore of throwing your dirty clothes in the machine, pouring in the liquid and then hanging it all up again is always going to be dull and mundane. Or is it? Whirlpool is trying to make the whole experience more entertaining/intuitive. They’re doing this by including a colour LCD screen and a USB port. It gets stranger…

The Whirlpool washing machine features a display screen with touch enabled laundry apps. Yes, really. These allow you to make sure you always wash your clothes at the correct temperature, so no more shrunken silks or ruined jeans for you. The animated graphic will help younger users do their own laundry as well, as kids will no longer be able to say they don’t understand the setup. There are 33 special cycles which cater to everything from stuffed toys to bath mats, shower curtains and swimwear-all the usual, and a couple extra just for fun.

For the particularly useless, the LCD screen will even give you tips and tricks on how to deal with stubborn stains. The price point may be high, buy you’re actually going to be pretty energy efficient using this, as the washer can use as little as 11.5 gallons a load- well below the minimum requirements.

I’ve already mentioned that the dryer is equipped with a USB port- now you can learn must what it’s for. It doesn’t play your music or display your images on the LCD screen (take note, Whirlpool) but it does allow you to access ‘uniform cycle and everything in between’. I’m not sure what that means either, but those are their words. I guess it will enable you to upgrade the machine with more custom cycles in the future.

The Whirlpool Vantage washer and dryer starts at $1,999 each.


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