Verizon’s CASIO G’zOne Commando is the Toughest Android Phone Yet

When it comes to rugged Android phones, besides for the Motorola Defy, there aren’t all that many out there. But that is about to change with the new CASIO G’zOne Commando from Verizon Wireless. The CASIO G’zOne Commando  is able to withstand extreme conditions and meets Military Standards 810G for Immersion, Rain, Shock and Dust Resistant, Vibration, Salt Fog, Humidity, Solar Radiation, Altitude, Low and High Temperature Storage. Running on Android 2.2 Froyo, it features a 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, had a 3G Mobile Hotspot. Sure, those last set of specs are pretty standard, but besides for being super rugged, the G’zGear also features eight neat modes such as an Earth Compass Mode, Walking Counter, Thermometer, and more which make it the ultimate smartphone for adventurers.

The CASIO G’zOne Commando will be available on April 28th for $199.99.

  • G’zGear operates in eight modes
    • Earth Compass – Functions as a standard compass, the GPS shows the distance and direction to several domestic and international landmarks, including Yosemite National Park and Mt. Everest.
    • Walking Counter – Measures steps, distance and energy consumption, and total steps for the day, week or month. It also provides virtual treks for famous North American trails and roads including Mt. Kilimanjaro, Annapurna Circuit, Torres Del Paine Circuit, John Muir Trail and Transcontinental.
    • Adventure Training – Takes training to a new level by allowing users to run with virtual opponents, like world-record holders, wild animals, or their own best personal performance stored in the training history.
    • Trip Memory – Plots and records outdoor activities along with location information to share with friends and family on Twitter™ and Facebook®.
    • Tides – Showcases the tidal graph for the day; time of tide ebb and flow; and current, past and future sea tide levels. GPS displays the nearest location map.
    • Thermometer – Displays current temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit with numeric and graphic thermometer readings and compares the current temperature across multiple locations.
    • Sun / Moon – Checks the time of the next sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset, and tracks the moon phases for your current location.
    • Star Gazer – Utilizes GPS to display the stars and constellation names based on the current season and time.

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