Ringbow is a Mouse That You Wear on Your Finger

As much as using your fingers on a touchscreen can be efficient, when it comes to performing contextual actions, your fingers don’t always perform. That is where Ringbow’s “mouse” device comes in. The Ringbow is essentially a mouse ring for your finger that allows users to control the context for touch functions. It also servers the purpose of making the touchscreen be aware of which finger on which hand is touching it.

When wearing the Ringbow, users are meant to use their thumb to operate the Ringbow, so that they aren’t even bound to the actual surface of a touchscreen to operate a computer or tablet. Thus by using your thumb, you can for example, simply tap the Ringbow with your thumb to bring up a right or left click action.

Unfortunately, Ringbow is only in the prototype phase, but it certainly shows a lot of promise.

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