Finally, a Good Excuse to Carry Around an ALF Lunch Box

I love BoomCase. We have mentioned them in the past and they seem to be getting better with age – kind of like a fine wine. Their latest creation includes turning retro lunch boxes into speakers. Right now they are offering up ALF and Q-bert versions. I personally heart both. But I am not sure what is better, the fact that they will turn these totally awesome retro lunch boxes into speakers, or that if you buy the ALF lunch box it comes with the thermos and ALF toys too! Anyway, if you choose Q-bert, it will cost you $100 to convert the lunchbox into a speaker, while ALF will set you back $110. Check out the video below of a Ducktales lunch box getting its groove on.

But if lunch boxes aren’t your thing, BoomCases are still pumping out some fierce looking pieces of luggage that would rock any baggage claim.

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