Android App of the Week: A Godsend for the Avid Traveler – MapDroyd

Now that smartphones have become so well ingrained into our lives, we rely on those built-in maps to get around – to the point where we might be in big trouble without them! And sometimes, if you don’t have a data or wireless connection, or if you’re abroad and don’t want to pay international fees, you’re out of luck when it comes to using those maps. Well, not anymore, if you’re an Android phone user. MapDroyd allows you to search for maps of most locations around the world, and save them using their own unique compressed file format, which allows you offline access to what should be highly detailed maps. There have been mixed reviews about the app thus far, but hey – it’s free. Might as well go check it out and see for yourself. If this app works, and works well, it’s an absolute dream for travelers and people who just tend to get lost a lot.

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