Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: Need a Life Planner? Get One for Free with My Life

My Life takes the concept of the planner a few steps further. It really is a life planner – you can organize lists of family and friends, keep voice memos, save reminders, and a whole lot more. There’s also a milestone section where you can record the most important memories in your life (like your baby’s first words or your 11-year-old’s first completely unreasonable demand). There are to-do lists and, as mentioned before, voice recordings that can be used as reminders or quick ways to save great ideas on the fly. Speaking of ideas, all of your gift ideas for individual family members and friends can be stored on the app, along with pricing information and the date you need to buy the gift by. Finally, you have access to a trip planner, giving you a convenient place to get down a list of everything you need to pack, as well as all of your vital logistical information. It’s a pretty meaty app, and it’s available now for free for all Windows 7 phones.

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