Retro-fy Your Office with the Pixel Time Wall Clock

With smartphones, iPhone docks, tablets everywhere, we cant help but wonder if anyone even bothers using wall clocks anymore. But the Pixel Time Wall Clock will make you want to have a wall clock again. This wall clock is made of “pixels” and looks just like something out of an 80’s computer game. It measures 12 inches in diameter, is colored black and white, and contains the numbers 12, 9, 6 and 3. You can pick up the Pixel Time Wall Clock for $24.99 at Perpetual Kid. And there is no doubt about it – this clock would certainly look lovely in just about any room in your house, including your office – or even your kitchen. But if you get it for your kitchen, you should really pick up a pair of matching Pixel Oven Mitts for $16.99.