GumDrop Drop Series iPad 2 Case Review

Here’s a fun iPad 2 case! The Drop Series iPad 2 case by GumDrop keeps your iPad 2 looking fresh with it’s uber comfortable and stylish protective casing. This is one of the most durable cases out there!

The GumDrop Drop Series covers iPad head-to-toe including the screen and port covers. There are multiple layers of shock absorption with reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners. There’s an inner hard shell made up of three pieces: the plastic back shell, the screen protector, and the front frame. Applying the inner frame is easy as it all just snaps together (just make sure you’re not applying any of the pieces upside down because it will still snap together). Once the inner casing is applied, the outer rubber casing is stretched over. This rubber casing is thick and durable with a very comfortable and grippy feel. There are rubberized button overlays for the lock button, volume, and home buttons. These buttons are very easy to press. There are rubber port covers for the dock connector, headphone port, and vibrate toggle. Unfortunately, these ports are a bit small; not all headphones and chargers/docks will work. There’s a hole for the front camera and one for the back camera. On the back there is a 10×4 grid of holes for the speaker.

The GumDrop Drop Series iPad 2 Case looks as good as it feels. It’s a little heavy, but it feels very nice in hand. The soft rubber and textured back gives it a very nice grip. There’s no built in stand, but since it has rubberized frame you can get creative and easily rest iPad against an object to prop it up.

We have been testing the baby pink and white model where the inner frame is white and the rubber frame is baby pink. It’s neat that it doesn’t matter if your iPad is white or black, your iPad inherits the color of the inner frame. There’s a built-in screen protector, and you really can’t even tell. The cover feels the same and it doesn’t give your iPad the rainbow effect that the stick-on covers do.

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Aside from the GumDrop Drop Series case not having a built-in stand, we love it. It feels good, looks good, and we have never felt safer with any other case. Even though it’s well covered, we would still keep it away from water. The case takes a few minutes to apply and remove, but it’s pretty simple. Having a built-in screen protector that does not degrade the screen quality is a very nice feature. The Drop Series iPad 2 Cases by GumDrop are available on Amazon for $59.95, which is pretty pricey, but if you’re looking for protection and comfort — you’ll be happy with it. The GumDrop Drop Series is available in pink/white, black/black, black/red, white/black, and a slightly pricier army green. GumDrop also sells replacement screen protectors in case you mess up the one included.

The Good: Comfortable, Very Protective, Nice Looking, Rubberized Button Overlays, Built-In Screen Protector
The Bad: No Built-In Stand, Pricey, Port Cutouts Could be Larger; Won’t Accommodate all chargers and headphones


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  1. I got one for my asus transformer, the screen protector has a big rainbow effect covering 3/4 of the screen. Support told me there was nothing they could do about it

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