IMIXID Audiobot Beanie Speaker Dude Review

The IMIXID Audiobot Beanie Speaker Dude might just be the cutest speaker you’ve ever plugged your MP3 player into. The little dude comes with two unique handmade beanies, one visible and one surprise. This 3″ tall dude features a 2,000 milliwatt built-in amp, an integrated 3.5mm audio jack, and a nice rechargeable battery.The Audiobot Beanie Speaker Dude is made of a soft white plastic; his face is the speaker, and the hole on his backside is the audio jack and charging port. There are two cables that come with Speaker Dude: a standard 3.5mm aux cable for playing tunes, and a 3.5mm to USB cable for charging. There’s a little on/off switch under his foot. He has an engraved star where his heart should be; it pulsates blue when Speaker Dude is on. His hands are perfectly sized so he can hold the extra slack from either cord. That’s really all there is to the little guy! His woven hats are purely cosmetic.

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When it comes down to it, the Dude’s speaker quality is just okay. The speaker is very one-directional, and there’s not a lot of clarity. The speaker quality of iPhone 4 sounds better than the Dude’s, except the Dude is capable of hitting higher volumes. Volume is controlled on the audio device, so from your MP3 player or phone. His battery is supposed to only be four hours, but it’s lasted me a lot longer playing music at a moderately low volume. Speaker Dude’s internal pulsating LED will not alert you of battery status; you won’t know when he’s going to die, and you won’t know when he is finished charging.

For only $24.00, we can’t really complain that the Audiobot Beanie Speaker Dude doesn’t play high-fidelity audio. Besides, his cuteness totally makes up for it. Speaker Dude makes for a very cool gift or a fun sidekick to have on your desk. The Audiobot Beanie Speaker Dude by IMIXID is currently available from scratchtracksshop.com.

The Good: Looks Awesome, Cool Gift, Surprise Beanie Included, Portable, Nice Battery life, Rechargeable
The Bad: Subpar Audio Quality, Only Available in White, No Battery Indicator


  1. Forget the Speaker dude… I want those Ninja in the background!!

    Where do I get THOSE from???

    Let a fella know!

  2. my will charge and the light comes on, but then when i try to plug it into my phone, nothing happens!!

  3. I received an audiobot speaker as a Christmas present however when I charged it for hours the light never changed colour and when I plugged it into my iPod it didn’t work. I tried different cables, different inputs and different mp3 players but no luck, so I brought it back to urban outfitters and they happily replaced it for me, however, the new audiobot is having the exact same problems. Do you know am I doing something wrong?

  4. Anyone who is having a problem just push the plug all the way in and charge it through a laptop for an hour before use

  5. Just bought one and it doesn’t change color from start to 2hours later of charging. Doesn’t connect to any Bluetooth device or using the cord to any device.

  6. Does the aux cable connected to your phone need to be plugged in to the bot for it to turn on? Or can it turn on without a cord in it