Lindsay Lohan Shoots Commercial Under House Arrest

Lindsay Lohan might be under house arrest at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped her from taking a gig – at least not this time anyway. The starlet is currently serving 35 days under house arrest as a result of having responded to pleading no contest to stealing a $2,500 necklace. Now Lindsay has managed to land a job filming a commercial for the site Beezid.com, a popular penny auction site. The actress was original of offered $25k for the job but declined. She finally settled with them for an undisclosed five figure number, along with a $10,000 shopping credit for the site. And yes, it looks like she is using an old MacBook Pro in the commercial. She must really need the money!

Lindsay was originally set to go to prison for four months, but managed to evade that punishment because of L.A.’s overcrowded jails and the fact that Lohan has an “nonviolent offender” status. That sure is a pretty sweet alternative to going to prison – earning five figures while staying home. But as much as that might sound sarcastic, we are happy for Lindsay that she finally landed a gig again. The girl deserves a break already.


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