Research Proves Women Don’t Know How to Drive – What!?

We’ve all been there – some female driver cuts someone off or swerves around a corner, and then some dude mouths off about it being a woman driver. Until now, not only did we consider this stereotyping infuriating, but unjustified too. But it turns out that we might be wrong…

Scientists have “discovered” that female drivers are actually more dangerous behind the wheel then men. This conclusion has been reached after researchers took a look at 6.5 million car accidents that took place in the U.S.A. from 1998 until 2007.  Over nine years of car accident records, they discovered that there was a “higher than expected” amount of accidents that occurred between two female drivers.  The research also found that women have a harder time getting through crossroads and junctions rather than their male counterparts.

Dr. Michael Sivak of the University of Michigan, who led the study, has theorized that this might be caused by height differences between men and women. However, our own theory regarding this matter is that women tend to be multi-taskers and perhaps many of them are simultaneously focusing on other things while they are driving. Either way, we say not to jump to any conclusions yet. We want to see the research performed in other countries too! I also hope my insurance company doesn’t read this article…


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  1. Women drive more around congested areas, running household errands, dropping off kids to soccer or clarinet lessons…men drive real fast down vacant roads. Who do you think will be most likely to get into a fender bender?

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