Droid Plug Earphone Jack Accessory Shouts Android Pride

The Droid-Kun Plugy headphone jack accessory is the latest gizmo to get its Android on. This adorable accessory is designed to plug into the 3.5mm jack on your smartphone, purely for decorational purposes. And if you want to be really naughty, you can take the Droid robot and plug it into the 3.5mm jack on a BlackBerry or iPhone. The Droid plugy is available in a choice of green or pink, for girly droid fans.
But if you aren’t an Android fan, then you might be psyched to discover that there is a Hello Kitty Plugy Earphone jack accessory available too for $5.20. These also come in an assortment of different colors.

But buyer beware, using these pluggy’s will mean that you won’t be able to simultaneously plug your headphones into your phone’s 3.5mm jack.

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