Fetch My Keys is a Dog Shaped Key Finder

Aren’t dogs supposed to fetch our keys and slippers? Yeah, well “supposed to” is the operative phrase in that sentence. Instead, they just demand for you play with them and get them fancy sweaters from Petco… or maybe that is just my dog.
Fetch My Keys is a new gadget from Suck UK that will do what your dog can’t -or won’t, and that is to alert you to about where your keys are. The key finder device is in the shape of a dog. The way it works is that it just requires a whistle, and its nose will respond by glowing and making a noise to let you know that your keys are somewhere lost in your couch, or perhaps in your bag. The Fetch My Keys Dog shaped key finder retails for £5.00.

Now that is a good doggie!

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  1. Cool gadget, but the article/review is poorly written.  “The keyring of the device is in the shape of a dog. So that is a nice touch, but instead of cookies to lure your doggie to you.” 

    You DO understand the last sentence of that quote isn’t even a full, complete sentence, right? Wow.

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