David Beckham Visits Sims 3 Pets Green Room at Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards 2011 are over and done. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still talk about Justin and Selena canoodling at the awards or perhaps the Sims? Yes, the Sims. Last year EA had a Sims 3 Green Room where celebs hung out and played the game and collected some swag. This time EA had a Sims 3 Pets Green Room for everyone to chill out in and play with cute animated pets.

Stars like Fergie, Cameron Diaz, David Beckham, Lucy Hale, Elizabeth Banks all came through the Sims 3 green room to get their game on. Recently, we had a brief encounter with this latest expansion pack  to the Sims , and we can’t wait to get our paws on this game.

Check out the celebs who sniffed their way through the The Sims 3 Pets Green Room in the gallery below.

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