BoomBotix Brings the Funk Back to Wireless Speakers

When you absolutely, positively need to let everyone in the room know you’re oozing with style, there might not be a substitute for these loud (in more ways than one) Bluetooth speakers from BoomBotix. The funky BB2 Speakers feature designs based on Japanese toys – perfect for any maven of geek culture. It also sports a daisy chain attachment, so you can take it easily with you wherever you need to go. So, if you’re looking to share your tunes with everyone this upcoming holiday season, check out these tiny, portable speakers. It beats having to dock your mobile device, and the battery life is at least decent, promising 4-6 hours of audio playback while you’re out and about. If you rock a funky soundtrack to a funky life, the BoomBotix BB2 speakers are looking like a must-have. There are tons of color schemes to choose from – just check out Amazon’s selection. You can find them now for as low as $35.







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