Germany Debuts Largest Flashlight Ever!

Anyone need a light? Well, not in Germany where they have just revealed the largest ever flashlight. So much so that it was just entered into the Guinness Book of Records. So who in their right mind would make such an enormous beam of light? An LED metal flashlight company of course. Zweibrüder Optoelectronics unveiled the four-meter-long flashlight at Solingen’s Festival of Lights. The flashlight is four meters (13ft) long and has 19 LED lights that are guaranteed to find more than a helicopter spotlight could.  It took 230 hours to produce, and a love of light to keep going.

Facts and Figures on the Record Flashlight:
Length approx. 400 cm roughly equivalent to a VW Golf car
Energy consumption  1300 watts equivalent to the energy consumption of a typical 1-liter capacity kettle.
LED life expectancy c. 100,000 hours equivalent to over eleven years of uninterrupted illumination.

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