London Comic Con 2011 Goes All Hocus Pocus (Photos)


We know about San Diego Comic Con and even New York Comic Con but did you know there is a Comic Con that takes place in London every year too? The concept is the same as the other two. The expo is primarily a place to showcase sci-fi shows or movies and their stars. You get to meet and greet celebs that are not only from European shows but from the states as well. Throw in some comic books and novelty toys and of course some dressed up geeks and it’s basically the same show that takes place in the United States year after year.

Yes, even in London fans dress up as their favorite comic book character and because the show ran from October 28th thru the 30th – that was even more incentive for fans to dress-up . So without further ado lets take a look at some of the costume highlights of London Comic Con 2011.

Hat tip to Where’s Waldo for passing along the photos.

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