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Block Case Transforms the Samsung Galaxy S II into LEGO

Lets face it, no one can even begin to compete with the vast amount of cases there are out there for the iPhone 4S, but Samsung Galaxy S II owners have been pretty fortunate. That is because, unlike so many other Android smartphones that come and go, the success of the Galaxy S II series has brought on a nice selection of cases to dress the device up in.

However, this latest Block Silicon Case for the Galaxy S II is so adorable, that it just might make the iPhone 4S jealous!  Available in several colors, including blue, red, yellow, pink, black, and white, the Block Silicon case essentially transforms the Galaxy S II into a giant and very lovable LEGO brick – while also keeping it protected. The Block Silicon Case for the Galaxy S II retails for $12.80 at Strapya.

  • Sanjiv Sathiah

    Another GS2 bricked…ah well, at least it’s good for something now…

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  • Queendelli

    Man, I have a Galaxy S…so what, I have to update my phone just to get this? Cant you get them for the Samsung Galaxy S?