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How LivingSocial Transformed Me Into a Samurai for a Day

Have you ever wanted to go whitewater rafting? How about shoot guns and enjoying some tequila afterwards? Or maybe just be a Samurai for the day? Well LivingSocial helps bring people together to share, save or have out of the box experiences just like these. Unlike Groupon, LivingSocial is so much more than a place to come to save money on shopping and restaurants. There is an entire side to LivingSocial that is all about adventures. Hence the picture up above.Yes, my LivingSocial Adventure began with me training as a Samurai for the day and then ended with a Sushi and Sake tasting, along with a few Japanese whiskey’s thrown in for good measure.

LivingSocial Adventures makes it easy to learn new things and socialize with new friends. We have all at one time or another secretly wished that we could jump around on a trampoline, but how many have actually gotten around to doing that? LivingSocial Adventures culls together fun and original ideas for what would make an adventurous and fun time. We aren’t talking about just an hour excursion either, sometimes these adventures can last a whole day!

My Samurai Adventure included a Samurai sword class conducted by Raab Rashi, of the Sun Moo Kwan Kendo Academy, followed by a mixologist-guided tasting of sushi and sake. I was dressed in full Samurai garb and for an hour we learned the way of the sword with wooden sticks as stand-in’s. The class concluded with traditional bows, and a sigh of relief that I didn’t get knocked in the nose with one of the training sticks.

This LivingSocial Adventure was certainly unique, and one that I might find myself doing again in the near future. Funny enough we were told that women actually make up 51% of the Samurai classes and are actually much tougher on themselves then the men when they miss a step. So do women like to play with swords more than men? Or do we long to become empowered in another role that has been traditionally male? Personally, I just like to play with swords.

All in all, if you’re looking for an original holiday gift to get the person in your life that has everything, LivingSocial’s Adventures is definitely worth a gander.



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